Tiesto - Club Life New York

16. 08. 04

This Friday at Mollusk Surf Shop in Venice Beach! The world...

This Friday at Mollusk Surf Shop in Venice Beach!

The world premiere of Weird Waves with Dylan Graves

Be there!

 I've always loved road trips. In Puerto Rico, we couldn’t drive very far, because it's an island, but we would still drive a lot and would rip to the other sides of the island. I don't really remember sleeping in the car overnight or anything like I do now. With road trips, I think it's the sense of adventure, where anything is possible, that gets me more psyched than anything.

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This life fuck I can never let it go @jayalvarrez

This life fuck I can never let it go @jayalvarrez

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This woman from Southern Ethiopia walks kilometers, each morning, just to take water from the river. And she is grateful for that. In other parts of the country the drought has dramatic consequences.

There are places on our planet where water is pure gold and locals really struggle for it. And it’s incredible how much humanity and beauty can be found inside these hardworking people.


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thisischic: Photo


Photo {fashion, couture, manhattan, love}

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thrivingonplants: Toast parties are the best kinda parties...


Toast parties are the best kinda parties

thug-of-arabia: Gold Glock


Gold Glock

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Tiesto - Club Life New York


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www.styleaddict.com.au — ⛈ ⛈     image

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“You’re never given a dream without also being given the...

“You’re never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true.”
Richard Bach

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“VERSACE” VOGUE ESPAÑA - APRIL 2018 Amanda Murphy by...

Amanda Murphy by Bjorn Iooss

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“ROCINANTE” (ex TV) in Granada @denisonyachting

“ROCINANTE” (ex TV) in Granada

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“M A D A M E G U” In Monaco 🇲🇨 Photo by @iamtheyachtguy

“M A D A M E G U”
In Monaco

“LIGHT HOLIC” In beautiful Monaco 🇲🇨 @ssh_maritime For charter...

In beautiful Monaco

“K I B O” In Malta 🇲🇹 Photo by @chex_ b (at Malta)

“K I B O” In Malta

“GUCCI” VOGUE - APRIL 2018 Kendall Jenner photographed by Mert...

Kendall Jenner photographed by Mert & Marcus

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“BLACK PEARL” Jack Sparrow would be proud. Photo by...

Jack Sparrow would be proud.
Photo by @franciscomartinezphotography
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“AURORA” at sunset #mondaymotivation Courtesy of @kdewet

“AURORA” at sunset
Courtesy of @kdewet

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Хэллоооу, эт я. #np Nostalghia - God Be You #vscocam

Хэллоооу, эт я.

#np Nostalghia - God Be You

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anyone else have a heart thats too soft….. a marshmallow heart…… tempur-pedic mattress heart…. a cotton candy heart…..

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zermot: er59: er59 ER_____________ That profile that...





That profile that silhouette

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Brown skin and the color yellow go together like peanut butter and jelly. We’ve got countless examples of black celebrities slaying in sunny fashion, but yellow makeup is something you don’t see as much of, simply because one wrong step could leave you looking washed out instead of vibrant.

MORE: Expert Tips for Making Green Makeup Wearable

Well, if there’s one person we can count on to demonstrate canary done right, it’s Zendaya. The future fashion and beauty icon stepped out earlier this week to celebrate her capsule collection with Boohoo and embodied the spring season in a shimmery yellow eyeshadow from her lash line to her brow bones.

Zendaya at the Boohoo Launch

Getty Images

Zendaya at the Boohoo Launch

Getty Images

Not only does the pop of color brighten up her entire face; it’s also a makeup trick that can distract from blemishes and under-eye circles; though we doubt Z has many of either.

MORE: Zendaya’s Curly Hair Tutorial Includes This $16 Drugstore Gel

The actress finished off her effortless beauty moment with a nude glossy lip, a hint of rosy blush and a messy top knot with tendrils cascading down either side of her face. As Vogue noted, this is definitely a small, but standout way to transition your makeup routine from winter to spring.

Be sure to shop Zendaya’s Boohoo “edit” here.

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You do you girl

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yourautumnlover: via weheartit


via weheartit

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Awfully cute

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I like saying swear words and being an all around devil

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Yogi Top ✖️ Avalon Bottoms
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yes-this-is-groot: “Women are not vending machines that you put...


“Women are not vending machines that you put kindness coins in until sex falls out.”

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Yes Please | Intimates gooseberryintimates.com

Yes Please | Intimates gooseberryintimates.com

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Yellow and White Stripes 🌵#collageontheroad #palmsprings (en...

Yellow and White Stripes

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Yacht life aboard “O’Mega”
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WTF Is a Psychic Orgasm and How Do You Have One?WTF Is a Psychic Orgasm and How Do You Have One?

In case you haven’t heard the term before, “psycholagny” means the ability to reach orgasm without any genital stimulation. Since the word itself is something you’re more likely to encounter on the GREs than in casual conversation, it translates better as a “wet dream.”

While you might associate that term with people with penises having an erotic dream that leads them to orgasm, it’s not limited to this group of humans—people with vaginas have nocturnal emissions as well, and you don’t have to be a teenager for it to happen. A wet dream is a pretty good parallel to psycholagny because you don’t have to touch yourself to have an orgasm. You can just be having a sexy dream.

On Reddit, you can find a pretty in-depth description of a man who practices psycholagny. After experimenting with prostate stimulation, he says, he learned to recreate his experience with his thoughts alone. This concept isn’t new to some women, though—in 2010, Lady Gaga reported that she could achieve a mental orgasm: “Sense memory is quite powerful,” she said.

MORE: What to Do if You Love Oral Sex but Your Partner Isn’t Into It

We know that people with vaginas can’t always orgasm during penetrative sex with people who have penises, and that’s for many reasons, including the fact that it’s not as simple as penetration = pleasure. There’s an intellectual component as well. You might be able to get off when you’re alone, genital stimulation or not, because you’re calling the shots in regard to your sexual fantasy, unencumbered by another person, what you think is supposed to happen or how you’re supposed to feel.

If you want to try and learn how to think yourself into orgasm as well as expand your definition of the word, you might want to check out Barbara Carrellas’ online workshops, which help people learn the practice of “thinking off.”

According to Dr. Barry Komisaruk, a researcher at Rutgers University and coauthor of The Science of Orgasm, how you think your way to orgasm is unique for everyone. “Some women use a combination of breathing exercises and fantasy, while others used their imagination and pelvic floor exercises,” he told the Daily Mail in 2010.

Komisaruk’s research on women with spinal cord injuries suggests that pleasure doesn’t actually depend on the spinal cord exclusively. Three women in Komisaruk’s study had orgasms via stimulation of the vagina and cervix. In other words, there are numerous pathways to orgasm, and there’s way more going in the brain in regard to orgasm than we thought.

MORE: 5 Effective Ways to Actually Get What You Want in Bed 

Psycholagny, also called the “psychic orgasm,” is better and more widely known in the BDSM community, according to Kinkly. It’s employed by folks in the dominant position and is also used in play, specifically instances involving chastity. You might achieve climax via the sound of your partner’s voice or if they’re creating a scenario for you in which they’ll talk you to the point of orgasm.

Of course, how psycholagny plays out in a partnership has a lot to do with communication between those involved. Dr. Wyatt Fisher, a licensed psychologist and porn-addiction counselor in Boulder, Colorado, says that it’s vital to consider the sex drive of folks if you’re going to bring psycholagny into your relationship. “Often the higher-drive spouse must learn to reign in their drive while the lower-drive spouse must learn to flame their libido more,” he explains. “Therefore, while psycholagny is easiest for the higher-sex drive spouse to execute, it’s more recommended for the lower-libido spouse because it can help them practice getting their mind engaged sexually by intentionally fantasizing to reach arousal, which can lead to deeper passion in their relationship.”

Because there’s such a taboo around female masturbation (talking about it and doing it), if you can orgasm without genital touching, by yourself or with a partner, you might think something is wrong with you. People with vaginas have been told that we’re supposed to be dependent on a person with a penis for an orgasm, that it is the only acceptable way to get pleasure (see: the Sex and the City episode where Charlotte worries about getting addicted to her vibrator and not being able to enjoy sex with a man). In other words, being able to get off without touch is a pretty big coup and an excellent tool to have in your pleasure arsenal.


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Y’all all must be slow or something

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Idek who that is lol

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worldofbeautyanderotics: Nina Daniele by Anouk Morgan


Nina Daniele by Anouk Morgan

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